Pianos For Sale

  • 1995 Yamaha M500 in American Oak - SOLD
  • 1995 Yamaha U1 in Satin Ebony - SOLD
  • 1933 Sohmer Model 41 Cupid Grand (pictured)
  • Steinway Model A in African Mahogany (not pictured) - SOLD
  • Steinway 45 in Walnut - SOLD
  • Steinway Model M (not pictured)
  • Steinway Model F (not pictured)
  • Baldwin Concert Grand (not pictured)

Grand Piano for Sale

This newly restored 1933 Sohmer Model 41 Cupid Grand in walnut features original ivory keys, a fresh French polish, new bass strings, new treble strings; new Ronsen bacon felt hammers; new Abel shanks and flanges; new key bushings and dampers. This piano has been regulated and voiced to perfection. Impeccable Chippendale-style legs hold this piano with care and its beautiful tone will resonate with the discerning listener and player. Contact us for an appointment and pricing today.

1933 Sohmer Model 41 Cupid Grand