Rebuilt pianos for sale

Pianos For Sale


1) *FOR SALE * 1982 Yamaha G1 (5'3") Impeccably restored 1982 Yamaha Model G1 grand piano for sale, featuring new custom-scaled and custom-wound premium quality bass strings from J.D. Grandt. Made in Japan, this piano had excellent initial build quality, and features new Ronsen VFG premium hammers custom-bored, weight prepped, and fitted to the piano. Keyset reweighed for optimum touchweight. New Tokiwa shanks and flanges. New Tokiwa backchecks. Deep cleaned and polished, and action regulated to perfection. At 5'3", this is the perfect instrument for the musician or studio with limited space that doesn't want to make compromises with touch or tone. Please call or write for pricing, and to set up an appointment. *See pictures below:

2) SOLD 1962 Steinway Model 1098 (aka "45") upright piano. 46-1/2" tall. Fully rebuilt, with new customized Ronsen bacon hammers, new Tokiwa shanks and hammer butts; new Tokiwa wippens. New Tokiwa damper felts. New custom rescaled bass strings by J.D. Grandt. Bass bridge recapped with quartersawn hard rock maple and new bridge pins. Original lacquer finish deep cleaned and polished. Original soundboard and keyset in exceptional condition. This piano sounds and feels incredible, and will be an excellent choice for any serious pianist or musician that requires excellent touch & tone in a vertical piano. Recording studio-quality sonics. 

3) SOLD 1963 Mason & Hamlin Model B (5'4") grand piano in original ebony matte lacquer finish. Instrument was kept in immaculate condition and was lightly played. We've done a lot of customization and parts replacement on this piano. Rescaled. Restrung. Featuring all Paulello piano wire utilizing 3 metallurgical types (1, O, and M) throughout the compass. J.D. Grandt custom bass (wound) strings. New Klinke (Germany) agraffes and polished capo d'astro bars. New Klinke Diamond tuning pins, new tuning pin bushings. New damper felts. New damper guide rail bushings. New key bushings, new backchecks, new key end felts, new backrail felt, new keypin cloth/felt punchings from Crescendo of Germany. Keyset has been reweighed for optimum, balanced FW (frontweight). All-new action parts featuring custom-built Tokiwa wippens, Tokiwa shanks/flanges, and Ronsen bacon felt hammers. Hammers custom coved, bored, arced, and weight-prepped for optimum SW. Original case lacquer finish in exceptional condition. Deep cleaned and polished. Trapwork rebuilt. An exceptionally beautiful piano for its size; please call for pricing. 

3) IN PROGRESS 1925 Steinway Model L (5'10") grand piano in satin ebony. Rebuild of this piano currently in progress. Please call for pricing. 

4) 1965 Steinway Model M (5'8") grand piano in walnut. Please call for pricing.

5) 1911 Steinway Model O (5'10") grand piano in quartersawn oak. Please call for pricing.

1995 Yamaha M500 in American Oak - SOLD

1995 Yamaha U1 in Satin Ebony - SOLD

1933 Sohmer Model 41 Cupid Grand - SOLD

1933 Steinway Model AIII in African Mahogany  - SOLD

1968 Steinway 45 in Walnut - SOLD

  • 1994 Baldwin Model SF-10 Concert Grand - SOLD